I love looking in the mirror admiring my looks, do you think that's vanity ? No, just a vivid imagination. Do you notice how my voice fills the hall ? Yes, and did you notice how many people left to make way for it ? I can play piano by ear And I can fiddle with my toes. When I was a sailor I sailed across the Atlantic both ways without even taking a bath I always said you were a dirty double crosser. Have you got a quarter, I want to phone a friend Here have 50, phone them all. How do you find my breath ? Offensive, it's keeping you alive. He's good at everything he does And as far as i can see he usually does nothing. Boys fall in love with me at first sight. Bet they change their minds when they look again though. We should try and fight air pollution You could start by stop breathing. Do you find me entertaining ? I'd say you were too dim to entertain a thought. Shall I put the TV on Well it would certainly improve the view in here.

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