A big-game hunter came across a dinosaur in the middle of the jungle and stared at it surprise."You're extinct," he said. The dinosaur was hard of hearing."What was that you said?" The hunter shouted at the top of his voice."You are extinct." The dinosaur looked a little nonplused. "So would you if you'd been dead for six milion years."


Receptionist: Doctor, there's an invisible dinosaur in the waiting room.
Doctor: Tell her I can't see her!


Q: What's the best way to call a Tyrannosaurus Rex?
A: Long distance!

Q: What does a Triceratops sit on?
A: It's Tricera-bottom!

Q: What dinosaur would you find in a rodeo?
A: Bronco-saurus!

Q: What dinosaur can't stay out in the rain?
A: Stegosaur-rust!

Q: What dinosaur loves pancakes?
A: A tri-syrup-tops.

Q: Why couldn't the long-necked dinosaur see?
A: Because it had its head in the clouds!

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